Legislative Support Request Form

The Big Tent Outdoor Recreation Coalition will take a position of support for legislative policy or funding proposals when there is consensus at the board level that the priority aligns with the mission and strategic goals of the Big Tent Coalition. The Coalition does not endorse candidates for elected or appointed office. To request an endorsement or action from the Big Tent on a relevant public policy issue, please submit this completed form with any relevant attachments.

  • Please share issues here that impact outdoor recreation. These will be shared with the Big Tent Board of Directors.

    For 2020 Legislative Session

  • Provide responses to the following for each issue:

    1) Summarize the issue; 2) What type of support or action is requested; 3) What is timing? Describe when action is needed; 4) Describe how the issue supports the mission of the Big Tent; 5) What are the reputational risks of taking a position? Please summarize what is known about current opponents or supporters of this public policy issue and specify known position of Coalition board members, partners, & stakeholders.
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